Selection and horse training with potential to obtain a more than 70% in the Grand Prix

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You are a key piece, involved since the beginning.

A tailor made strategy and investment, where you can interact within all phases:

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  • Marketing
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Discipline is the most important part of success.

Truman Capote

High potential young riders.

Excellent results in national competition, as excellence and training filter.


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70% in Grand Prix.

Olympic riders.

4 major international events.

28 international competitions.

Results Evolution*

  • Starting Year

  • Final Year

* >73% category


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Grand Prix Dream

6 and 7 years

Grand Prix Results

8 and 9 years


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Now, the Arena Surface is Yours.

Total costs known accurately before starting investment.

Alternative asset category.

Non-correlated investment.

Total alignment with investor.

Compensation exclusively from performance fee.


  • Carlos Lucas Lopes is National Team manager and Coach of Dressage teams since 2005. He has participated in 4 European Championships, 3 World Championships, 2 Olympic Games and 1 World Cup. Carlos has established a solid career as Judge in the most important Dressage and Paraequestrian events all over the world. Certificated as Riding Teacher, FEI International Dressage 4* Judge and Technical Delegate, FEI International Paraequestrian 5* Judge and Technical Delegate. Also certified as Trainer/Coach Dressage and Paradressage athletes. Manager of the Coudelaria Alegria dos Pinhais Stud Farm and Ilha Verde Stud Farm in Brazil.
  • Miguel Condenço. Manager of an Equestrian Center. Member of the Board of the Portuguese Dressage Association (6 years). Consultant for 4 "Coudelarias Puro Sangue Lusitano". Also, Manager of an equestrian tourism venture.
  • Carlos Gomes has over 20 years of experience in Banking (11 Deutsche Bank, 8 BPSM 2 BES). Carlos is Managing partner of regulated companies in the financial sector, insurance and real estate. With license number: 407 139 071 (Insurance and pension funds supervisory authority) and License number: AMI nº10911 (Real Estate Agency License) Chartered Accountant nº 599 14 (Portugal). Carlos received his BA in Economics from the Universidade Nova Lisboa, and his Master in Finance from ISCTE Business School. Responsible for business internationalization structures (HOLDINGS, TRADING, TRUST, ETC). Responsible for professional investment vehicles.
  • Vitor Tomão is the CFO with 23 years of experience in Banking (BPSM and Millenium BCP). Vitor is treasurer at the Equestrian Association of Alcobaça (AHA) and at the 17 tradeshows and events organized by AHA.
  • João Sousa Faustino started at the age of 7. Also, he has a riding monitor training by Alter do Chão Professional School. During the 3 years training, Faustino developed the equestrian obstacles as education. The improvement was done with great riders such as Cor. Martins Abrantes, Luis Lupi, Antonio Brito Paes, among others. Faustino was a year and a half with the dressage rider Luis Azeitona where he developed his skills that enabled him to win the Portugal Cup in Working Equitation as junior and various tests of young horses in dressage competition while serving the Equestrian Center “Dom Cavalo”. Faustino had 2 more appearances on national podiums in working equitation mode, winning in primary and elementary level of evidence.
  • Pedro Mendes has a degree in Equiniculture from the Agrarian School of Elvas, Polytechnic Institute of Portalegre. Between 1999 and 2008 Pedro has been developing his skills as trainer and rider at the Ribafria and São Jorge equestrian centers. More recently, Pedro is trainer, rider and managing partner at the Quinta do Senhor da Serra equestrian center. Working with Carlos Lopes.
  • Bruno Miranda is veterinary with over 15 years of experience (P.C. 2999). Bruno has a degree in veterinary medicine from the Universidade Técnica de Lisboa. Also, he served the Rosedale and Partners, Equine Hospital (UK-Newmarket). Bruno is member of the Dressage Portuguese Team (Portuguese Equestrian Federation) being involved in the Equestrian World Games, European Championships - Young Riders, World Cup (Las Vegas), Dressage European Championships and Olympic Games (Beijing 2008). He is a member of FEI, CDIs & CSIs and is responsible for the clinical assessment of the horses at the FEP. In addition, Bruno is member of several professional organizations and he lectures at the University.

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